Downloads and Use

Download the binary (executable code) or source code

Ubuntu 18.04 CLI

Ubuntu 19.04 CLI

Ubuntu 16.04 CLI

windows 64

Source Code

Source Code (tar.gz)

Download the blockchain

Use this torrent file or Magnet to download the blockchain using your favorite torrent client.
After finishing this step do next steps.

How to run in Linux terminal

  1. Extract the downloaded binary file
  2. Copy the downloaded blockchian (blockchain.raw) in extracted folder
  3. Open Terminal
  4. Go to extracted folder
  5. Import Blockchian
    • Linux
      ./ombre-blockchain-import --input-file blockchain.raw --guard-against-pwnage 0
    • Windows
      ombre-blockchain-import.exe --input-file blockchain.raw --guard-against-pwnage 0
  6. Wait until it finishes. You do not need to do the above steps anymore. Those can be done once.
  7. Now run your ombre node
    • Linux
    • Windows
  8. Wait until the blockchain synchronized
  9. Do not close this terminal. It contains your node application. You need to run your node ombred whenever you want to do anything with your wallets or Ombre network in general.
  10. Open new Terminal (or Console). In this terminal you can interact with your node application and do ordinary tasks like create wallet, send, recieve and check your balance.
  11. Run ombre-wallet-cli in this termianl which helps you deal with your wallets.
    • Linux
    • Windows
  12. Create wallet for the first time
  13. Set a password for your wallet

How to run GUI

  1. Extract the downloaded file